Question about input data of lane/segment connection

Dear whom it may concern,

When I looked at the map API, I found the lane/segment struct has its own memeber of laneConnection/segmentConnection and vice versa. As indicated below, I use lane and laneConnection as example.

-const dwMapsLaneConnection * next
-uint32_t nextCount
-const dwMapsLaneConnection * previous
-uint32_t previousCount

-const dwMapsLane * lane
-dwMapsLaneId laneId

My question is that:

  1. When it comes to a intersection when multiple lanes have connection to multiple other lanes, how the map is actually built, e.g. how the lane/segment and their connections are established?
  2. What's more, does the dxMapsLane struct can accept multiple dwMapsLaneConnection? Such as[0] = laneEastConnection,[1] = laneWestConnection,[2] = laneNorthConnection.

Hi hanyang.zhuang,

Please check with maptool_inspection to see if able to clarify your questions. Thanks!