Question about install time for Jetson Linux image and CUDA runtime

Hi there,

I recently got a Jetson Orin Nano that was modified to use an NVMe memory device connected to an M.2 connector on a secondary board. I was able to successfully flash just the Jetson Linux image onto the device but I was unable to get an image when I booted up the device.

I suspected that the CUDA runtime and the SDK components were needed for the Orin to generate a video output. For this installation, I am using Jetpack 5.1 with Ubunutu 20.04. I am trying to install the Linux runtime as well as the SDK components and Jetson runtime components. I am noticing a very slow installation of the SDK and CUDA components.

So I have two questions-

  1. Can the Orin operate with just the Jetson Linux image? Or are the SDK and CUDA components needed?
  2. What is the average installation time for the SDK and CUDA components. The installation has been running for hours now.

Fixed all issues. This can be closed.

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