Question about issue when using 2 quadro sync ii card in one system (windows 10)


I don’t know if this is the right place to ask.

We are making an application using an RTX4000 graphics card and Quadro sync ii card in a LED wall environment.

When we build our system with 1 Quadro sync ii card, 4 RTX4000 graphics cards.

The application works perfectly as expected.

No tearing between graphics cards.

But when we build our system with 2 Quadro sync ii cards, 6 RTX4000 graphics cards.

(we need more than 4 RTX 4000 cards because the LED wall is very huge)

There is a tearing between graphics cards.

Nvidia Control Panel says the sync between the cards has no problem, and the LED lights in the quadro sync ii card are also green.

We are testing with the same application. So I think it is not our application issue.

Please let us know how to handle these issues.

Did you solve this?

Hi ilwoonam751,

Can you give some details of your configuration and the application you are running?

Are 6 RTX 4000 on the same PCIe root complex or split across two CPUs.
Have you connected the two Quadro Sync II cards internally on the system?

How are the displays set up - i.e. are you using MOSIAC or is your application multi-GPU aware?


6 RTX 4000 split across 2 cpus. The two Quadro Sync II cards are connected internally on the system.

We use per gpu mosaic, so we have 6 displays in os.

Ofcourse our application is multi-GPU aware.