Question about JAO boot flow

While reading NVIDIA JAO’s Boot Flow, I have a few questions…

In the diagram above,

Q1) in BPMP-FW terminology, does “FW” mean Firmware? what does BPMP-FW do?
Q2) MicroBoot (MB1, MB2) is software?
Q3) PSC(Platform Security Controller) is hardware?
Q4) What exactly are “PSCBL1” and “PSCB-FW” and what do they do?
Q5) What does “Secure/TZ” and “Non-Secure/Non-TZ” mean?
Q6) What is “Monitor/ATF”?


FW is firmware

Yes, both are boot software components.

Platform security controller(PSC) ROM is a hardware component in the SoC

PSCBL1 is bootload at PSC, it contains authentication and decryption services; PSCB-FW is the firmware.

TZ is ARM TrustZone.

ATF is Arm trusted firmware.

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