Question about latency on timestamping

・GMSL Camera

Do you have any information about time lag between shooting time and its timestamp time? I am going to use IMX390 as GMSL camera, but other cameras’ information is okay.

・Aurix CAN

  1. Do you have any information of processing time from packet reception to time stamp marking?

  2. What is the mechanism of the hardware time stamp used on the Aurix CAN? What is the difference between software timestamp and hardware timestamp?

Thank you.

Hi @Jamie,

We don’t have the latency number. ICP capture component uses a hardware mechanism trigger to timestamp once CSI controller receives an image. So basically the latency is from camera->SerDes->CSI path.

  1. We don’t have it.
  2. hardware timstamp is from the header with CAN frame data routed from Aurix.

Thank you.