Question about managing Jetson devices in large quantities

Suppose we have implemented hundreds of Jetson TX2 or Xavier modules across our company, what can we do to manage all those devices? Like security patching, updates, controls (reboot etc) and even deployment of retrained frozen graphs etc

Is there a software out there that can be used to manage these devices?

Thank you!

you may consider rsync

+1 for @Andrey1984. Rsync and other standard tools work on Jetson Ubuntu the same as on a desktop PC so long as you are not doing a release upgrade or modifying boot. If you find software intended for Ubuntu in general it might be a good choice for a Jetson as well.

Just thought of something else you might be interested in…

If you set up the Jetson to automatically check for updates to packages, and if you have customization, then placing that customization in the form of “.deb” packages would allow you to run your own repository server. Simply by adding that server to the list repositories everything would match whatever upgrade version of your package which you put on the server.

In a way I suspect this is what NVIDIA should do, but the issue is that much of the software is proprietary such that there is a EULA. However, one could possibly set this up by providing public keys to people who agree to the EULA, and the public key would be required to download and install through the repo. Revoking a key would revoke access to that one person, and one could basically base the key on use of a private key to create public keys based on something like the registered email address.

Thank you all that was very helpful!