Question about navsim_viewer_tcp example in Isaac 2019.3

We have unity and navsim_navigate example working. The simulated carter robot plots a path and moves towards its goal even if obstacles are in the way. camera views and maps update as expected.

Then if we try the next example, navsim_viewer_tcp, the camera views are fine (and in fact very impressive). Moving a block in front of the simulated carter makes the camera see the block, so the example seems functional. But in this example the carter robot isn’t moving by itself towards the goal.

What is needed to get it to start moving or is it not expected in this example? Running both navsim_navigate and navsim_tcp at the same time results in errors

Hi infox22oo,

navsim_viewer_tcp application is for visualizing the sensors. On the other hand, navsim_navigate application has more capabilities. It will move the robot in simulation. You can also visualize what you are seeing in the navsim_viewer_tcp application by adding a “2D Window” in sight.

Steps for adding “2D Window” in sight:

  1. Head over to the webpage of sight. Usually http://localhost:3000.
  2. On the left, you can go to the “Windows” section click “Add 2D” button
  3. Give a meaningful name for the window.
  4. Add desired channels to visualize. For eg. from drop-down list select the channel
  5. Click “Update” button to finish.

thank you. We were just confused about whether the navsim_viewer_tcp can also be made to move or not. Got it now.