Question about Nsight Compute CLI to profile all items

I am trying to use Nsight Compute CLI and view from Nsight Compute GUI.
but Only a few items are profiles. (not full items, three items at default)
How to set ALL profile? it seems --query-metrics all just list the metrics, not profiled all items.
how to set all items for profile execution.

current test is follows.

$ ncu -o profile CuVectorAddMulti.exe

Default profile point is follows

  • GPU Speed of Light
  • Launch Statistics
  • Occupancy

If no –set option is given, the default set is collected. You can use the option –set full to collect the full set of sections.

Use –list-sets to see which sets are in the default list.

Use –list-sections to list all sections.

Refer the Nsight Compute CLI command line options section in the document.

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