Question about nsys sqlite3 schema on ANALYSIS_DETAILS table

(Add comment on 04/04 18:02JST) This is my misunderstanding. Would you close this issue?

I have a question about sqlite3 schema on ANALYSIS_DETAILS table.
It looks duration and startTime column in ANALYSYS_DETAILS is switched between schema and real value.

From seeing the .schema like follows.

sqlite> .schema ANALYSIS_DETAILS
    -- Details about the analysis session.

    globalVid                   INTEGER   NOT NULL,                    -- Serialized GlobalId.
    duration                    INTEGER   NOT NULL,                    -- The total time span of the entire trace (ns).
    startTime                   INTEGER   NOT NULL,                    -- Trace start timestamp in nanoseconds.
    stopTime                    INTEGER   NOT NULL                     -- Trace stop timestamp in nanoseconds.

But in my profiling, my values are follows. It looks like 3rd value is time difference (duration) not startTime.

sqlite> select * from ANALYSIS_DETAILS;

Sorry This is my mis understanding. I close this issue