Question about NV encoder/decoder for H264/H265

Hi team,

My questions are with respect to hardware accelerated codec (H.264/H.265) on Tegra X1

  1. Is there any doc about video quality/capability analysis of the decoder/encoder ?

2.How many video encoder/decoder channels does one jetson TX1 support ? Can support six at the same time? If it can support, what about the resolution and load average?

Hi cloundliu,

We don’t have the doc about the video quality/capability analysis of the decoder/encoder, you may need to do the experiment. If there is any specific issue, please let us know.

Regarding the video encoder/decoder channels, it should be OK with six at the same time, we haven’t done the similar test before to provide the resolution and load average as reference.

We will provide Multimedia API as a low-level API to gain access to Tegra codec hardware. This API is based on Linux libV4L2 library. The plan is to go with r24.2 release.


Whether there is more information now about video quality analysis of the encoder on Tegra X1 ?

Hi Wujun,
We don’t have the public report. Please refer to user guide to run your cases.

If you need further information, please contact your region salesperson. Thanks.