Question about Nvidia and GUI

Over the years I experienced after installation of the nvidia drivers some problems with Desktop Environment that was hanging some time to time during work. The first time I thought it was a linux specific problem but searching on the internet and personal experience led me to conclusion that especially Gnome + Nvidia = Big problem however KDE + Nvidia is not 100% perfect as well. For me kde was just working better. For people that don’t need nvidia for work it was not a problem, they run default settings but I work in media & Entertinement, we need nvidia for our software and OpenGL to work. That is something that annoys me even working on some “Enterprise” environment. I have never found a good simple or working solution to reset GUI, generally speaking after this hangs I needed to restart machine… Solution proposed by the community was always in some kind crappy. So there was no difference in working on “Enterprise” versus let’s say some buggy linux. Over the years I even noticed that bleeding edge distributions are fine and this “Enterprises” hangs often, no matter if you use Centos or Redhat or probably whatever else. I’m not joking you can type “linux gui hangs” in searchweb and check the results. 99% of the problem was caused with drivers…

My question is WHY? Why it can’t work properly like on Windows, is there any hope in the future? I don’t care about 100% performance but the stability is something that should be a top priority.


Is this a guessing game?
Uh, uh, I’m first.
May it be that there are very few people are contibuting ideas or code or simply cleaning up and documenting things in an environment of rising complexity? So motivation to dive into the specifics of a closed source drivers is low?
Or is this a support question?
Use gnome, arch and the nvidia specific gnome packages, then use the speed up workarounds. Try to stick to the latest LTS kernel.

Still, DEs are open source, go meddle.
Or maybe: