Question about nvprof : incompatible CUDA driver version

Hi I’m trying to use nvprof on PGI community edition 18.4 ver.
I’m a beginner of PGI fortran, so I’ve learned from the book, ‘CUDA fortran for Scientists and Engineers.’
In this book, it says how to profile using nvprof command, but on console, it shows
“Error : incompatible CUDA driver version.”
I installed CUDA 8.0 and 9.2 toolkits, so I think 8.0 applies to PGI 18.4, but I don’t know how to change CUDA version and apply it to my PGI. Could anyone give me the solution?

is this on windows or linux?

if on linux, provide the following information, output of:

sudo find / -name nvprof



Thanks for replying, but I’m afraid it’s on windows.

Use the windows file find utility to locate all instances of nvprof.exe on your computer.

Specify the full path to the one you want to use.

On your windows machine, in a command prompt, what is the output of:



nvprof --version


The output of “nvidia-smi” is “command not found” and one of “nvprof --version” is two.

On pgi community edition, it’s Release version 9.1.85 (21) and on windows console, Release version 8.0.61 (21)
So I deleted the CUDA 8.0 bin folder from the environment variable path. Then, on console, the version is 9.2.148 (21) but on pgi community edition, 9.1.85 (21) shows up. Should I downgrade the cuda version?

I had additionally installed cuda 9.1 ver and resolved the problem. Thanks :)