Question about OV5693 driver PLL configuration

L4T version: 32.7.3
In the DTS file pix_clk_hz is set to 160Mhz, but in the ov5693_mode_tbls.h, the register 0x30b3 is set to 0x68, so it appears to me the clock is really set to 104Mhz, not 160Mhz. Did I miss anything?

hello hwang4,

you may refer to Sensor Pixel Clock section for several formulas to obtain pix_clk_hz.

Thanks for the reply, however this doesn’t answer my question. I am aware the document and understand how to calculate the pixel clock. The question here is that we already know the pixel clock is 160Mhz, however the setting in the sensor driver code doesn’t match that number. I was expecting 0xa0, and the code uses 0x68.

hello hwang4,

it’s a multiplier, and it’s an initial setting provided by camera vendor.