Question about Relations of USB pins

I’d like to know relations of USB pins.

  1. Do the USB pins (USB0_EN_OC#, USB0_VBUS_DET, and USB0_OTG_ID) effect only USB0_D±?
    For example, USB0_EN_OC# becomes LOW, then USB0_D± would be stopped but anyother data lines
    (USB1_D±,USB2_D±, and USB_SS) can be worked?

  2. Does the USB1_EN_OC# effect only USB1_D±?
    This question is simlar to Q1.
    USB1_EN_OC# effect only USB1?


Hi, USBx_EN_OC# is to enable power supply of vbus when USB port of Jetson is set as host. USBx_VBUS_DET is to report to Jetson that there is a USB device plug in. USBx_OTG_ID is to tell Jetson that the port is set to host or device. These signals’ behavior is the result not the cause of USB enumeration/detection.


I see that USB0_VBUS_DET is to report to the Jetson that there is a USB device plugged in, however, I dont see a way to tell the jetson that there is a device plugged into USB1, as there seems to be no USB1_VBUS_DET pin on the jetson. How should I handle this?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, the USB protocol already ruled the detection scheme through D+/D- lines, you can check the specification of USB.

Hi Trumanny,

Thanks for your response. If that is the case, do I still need to use the USB0_VBUS_DET pin at all?


No, it is not must.