Question about Sdkmanager install SDK components

I am going to make a custom board and design a USB TYPE C interface using USB0_DP/DN, UPHY_RX1/TX1 two sets of USB signals. But this USB TYPE C interface is designed to work only in DFP mode (HD3SS3212 + TPS25810).
When installing SDK components with Sdkmanager, XAVIER acts as a USB DEVICE. But in my design this USB TYPE C can only be used as a HOST interface.
Is there any other way to install SDK components using Sdkmanager in this case? For example, using Ethernet for installation like the previous version of Jetpack.

Hi wwpch,

Is it an issue for “installing components” or “flashing OS”?

Now my xavier carrier board is still in design.
But my previous TX2 carrier board encountered this problem. The TX2 carrier board pulls USB0_OTG_ID down to GND. Using the previous version of Jatpack can flash the OS and SDK componets. But using Sdkmanager can only flash the OS but not the SDK componets.

The answer to your problem is no. SDK components now cannot be installed through ethernet.
I’ll report this to our internal team to ask them to see if we can enable ethernet installation.

However, even if they want to enable it, it would be ready in near future but not r32.1 release.

I hope that your internal team can give some alternative methods. It will bring convenience to our TX2 carrier board production.

May I know that how did you flash the board if tegra is not able to act as a device node?
I think you are talking about your board does not have a otg port, right?

Yes! My board does not have a otg port. Now I use Devkit carrier board from NVIDIA to flash the TX2. This increases the workload.


That is much weird. If that is the case, this issue should be not only on sdkmanager. If you don’t have a otg port to flash, even jetpack should hit this error.

I mean the part of flash OS.

No. JETPACK before using sdkmanager can flash the OS. Because when entering recovery mode, the usb port will work in device mode regardless of whether the ID pin is high or low.

Hi wwpch,

Do you mean both sdkmanager and jetpack can flash OS in regardless of the ID pin status?

yes!But can not install SDK components with the Sdkmanager.

Got it. Per checked with our hardware engineer, it matches as what you said.
Our team will try to get Ethernet function back in next release.

Thank you!