Question about TGD version 1.2

I would like to use TGD version 1.2 with NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet(Tegra K1),
so I am checking the documentation and have a question the following point.

Title: Using the Debugger: Non-Rooted

Configuring Your Application
3.Modify your packaging step to include and
Note that these have a prefix of Stripped_ in the name, so you will want to rename it to
remove that prefix before using it in your APK.

Please let me know the procedure more specific or the detail way to modify “”.

Thanks you for your help.


add following to your should work:

MY_JNI_PATH := $(call my-dir)

tgd libs

include (CLEAR_VARS) LOCAL_PATH := (MY_JNI_PATH)/static
LOCAL_MODULE := Tegra_gfx_debugger
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := libTegra_gfx_debugger.a

include (CLEAR_VARS) LOCAL_PATH := (MY_JNI_PATH)/share
LOCAL_MODULE := Stripped_libNvPmApi

include (CLEAR_VARS) LOCAL_PATH := (MY_JNI_PATH)/share
LOCAL_MODULE := Stripped_libTegra_gfx_debugger

end tgd libs

your code

add static TGD lib here, note the sort order

LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES := your_lib Tegra_gfx_debugger


Thank you for your reply.
I tried to modify according to your post, but some errors occur.
I tried to paste errors, but post is denied. - Access Denied
Error code 15

Hi, User mitsuiku

You can send the errors directly to if you still have issues posting here.