Question about the case of irregular rate input for Quadro Sync II

Could you please teach me about the behavior of Quadro-Sync-II at the case of irregular display refresh rate is applied.

The users manual of Quadro-Sync-II page 30, there is Table 2.Sync Timing Limits.
It shows some pattern of display refresh rate, for example in case of 200 Hz, 120Hz, 100Hz…

I’d like to know if the irregular frequency refresh rate is applied, then what a behavior would be shown?
Because now our project wants to use 21.3456Hz or 26.1234Hz and the other special frequency if Quadra Sync can handle it.

One of our expection is Quadro-Sync-II cannot work because it cannot be latched by PLL.
Other expection is it will work on irregular frequency.
At the case of input is 21.3456Hz and Quadro-Sync-II’s setting is 50Hz receiving, Quadro-Sync-II can work but output frequency will be 0.427F (21.3456/50 ~= 0.427, here F is the regular output frequency.)

Reference:System Connection

[Our main machine]
(External Trigger 21.3456Hz)
[Quadro Sync Board]
[NVIDIA Graphich board]
|(Display Port)
[Our main machine *same as top module]

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