Question about VDD_CPU power supply

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I was wondering if the JETSON TK1 is fully functional when only 2 of 3 DC/DC AS3722 are mounted for VDD_CPU power supply.
Indeed in the schematic (page 35), we can read the following note:
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I’ve done it that way in my design and it works but I’m yet to do full characterization (e.g. full load at highest ambient operating temperature etc):

I based this design decision on max VDD_CPU current consumption during 1 second (from the datasheet). But if you do that it might be a good idea to add more bulk capacity on VDD_GPU.

In any case it’s your call as it depends on your tagret application.

AS3728 DC/DC for VDD_CPU theoretical maximum is 8A.
AS3722 PMIC is for overall system.

The Table 46 Maximun Operating Current from show that
VDD_CPU max 15.5A or 13.2A is required depending on Use Case Model 1 or 2 (explained in 2p of the datasheet)

Therefore 2 of DC/DC AS3728 or 16A will meet VDD_CPU requirement of max either 15.5A or 13.2A.

cioma, youngk,
Thanks for your feedback.