Question: Apply RGMII to orin


If I apply the Xavier H/W circuit to RGMII in Orin, is it possible to apply the package of the corresponding block of Xavier to the Orin package?

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What does that mean “corresponding block”?


I would like to apply RGMII H/W to Orin Custom board.
RGMII is in Xavier, but it is not in orin H/W, so I would like to additionally apply it to orin Custom board.
In this case, I am asking whether RGMII added to the existing orin S/W package works.

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I really don’t know if this is language problem or not. In most of time your description and topic are confusing.

I still don’t get what you are trying to say here… Why do you need care about xavier for Orin usecase?

You could refer to the design guide document of Orin AGX to check which pin to use RGMII…

and refer to document here to apply the software…

Xavier software won’t be same file as Orin. So this issue totally has nothing to do with Xavier…

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