Question for four CSI interfaces

We are going to make a carrier board for Jetson Nano which can use four cameras. We face some problems when developing. Any suggestion is appreciated.

Problem description:
The Jetson Nano Developer Kit has two CSI interfaces according to the schematic. A control line is used to switch the I2C signals. It seems that if we want to pin out four CSI interfaces, we need one more control pin and configure the driver. How can we do that? There are only two sets of PWDN/ MCLK pins. How can we use them to control four CSI cameras?
According to the schematic, there are five CSI channels provided for camera. However, there are only two sets of PWDN/ MCLK pins.


  1. How can we extend to four CSI interfaces by modifying hardware rather than software driver?
  2. Are PWDN/ MCLK pins necessary for CSI camera? If yes, how can we use them to control four cameras in the same time?
  3. We find that the official Developer Kit is using CSI0 and CSI2. So we wanna know if all CSI0 to CSI4 pins can be used for CSI camera?

Hi, you can refer to Table 37. CSI Configurations in OEM DG for how to design CSI lanes for four cameras.

I2C bus can be shared for 4 cameras if i2c address can be set to different. If there are conflicts on address, a switch is necessary.

In general, PWDN/MCLK is necessary for CSI camera. There are two sets of them, you can share them to all four cameras or add switch. It depends on the use case you want.