Question for how to use MTUSB on MSB7790?

Dear Admin,

I have a customer who has MSB7790 EDR switch , 455A-ECAT EDR HCA and EDR AOC.

The customer use the command(mst ib add) to add switch device under /dev/mst/.

And use the latest MSB7790 firmware to upgrade the switch with the command (# flint -d /dev/mst/mt583_pciconf0 -i ./ fw-SwitchIB-MSB7700-E_Ax.bin -ocr -ignore_dev_data -allow_psid_change -nofs --yes burn).

Due to forget to assign base_guid in the bin file, after reboot, the switch has base_guid is 0x0.

On the host, can NOT use the command(mst ib add ) to add switch device under /dev/mst/. BTW, ibnodes can discover the switch with base_guid = 0x0

Then borrowed a MTUSB device and install mft driver on a host.

BUT in the latest mft user manual (4.5.0), there is no command to guid how to open I2C port. Encount error when use open bus command for both MSX1710/MSX67XX Switch and MSX6025/6036 Switch .

In the following chapter, there is NO content for how to open the I2C bus on MSB7790

B.3.6 Switch Reprogramming through I2C Port

 For MSX1710/MSX67XX Switch systems:

  1. Open the bus:

i2c -a 1 -d 1 /dev/mst/mtusb-1 w 0x60 0x20 0x10

i2c -a 1 -d 1 /dev/mst/mtusb-1 w 0x62 0x00 0x01

 For MSX6025/6036 Switch systems:

  1. Open the bus:

i2c -d /dev/mst/mtusb-1 w 0x22 0x1a 0xfb

  1. Route the I2C bus to the switch device:

i2c -d /dev/mst/mtusb-1 w 0x70 0x0 0x1

Please help guide how to open I2C bus port on MSB7790. Thank you very much.