Question: How do I enable and address SPI ports?

thanks, I can update the A.dtb use
but after this step, I can’t find spidev at /dev/, I use the command
sudo dtc -I fs -O dts -o extracted_proc.dts /proc/device-tree
and I check the extracted_proc.dts find my last modify about SPI of the dts does not exist. I don’t know whether my modify should appear in the new dts file, I think it should be.

I have not succeeded. I don’t know where the problem is. Is the device tree modified incorrectly?

me too. what is your jetson info? my info is xavier jetpack 4.2, L4T 32.1

the same

I would suggest to download the kernel source to build the customize kernel Image and dtb instead of using dtc.

Thanks, Shane, I know how to rebuild the kernel Image, but how to rebuild the dtb from kernel source?
I find in the source, arch/arm64/boot/dts/nvidia, there are 5 dts files, like tegra210-p2371-0000.dts, I open xavier /boot/dtb, the dtb name is different from the source dts, which dts file should I modify to rebuild?

The dts for AGX are located at below path.