Question: how to Builded jetpack move to custom board

After power checking, I will build Jetson Linux package (Jetpack 5.1.2)
But this package was installed on another system and I want to move it to Jetson orin custom board.
How can I move it to orin custom board?

I build jetpack to third-cuscom board 's M.2 disk.
Can I this M.2 disk insert to my jetson orin custom board?


so what are the two systems you are using? Are they both the same carrier board?
If that’s the case, then maybe it would work by just plugging in the NVMe drive that has been working on another device; but if one of them is a DevKit, and another of them is a custom board, then it’s definitely not going to work, because they may differ much in device trees.

The first build system
: another CPU-based custom board using Ubuntu and Jetpack is built on this custom board M.2M disk

The Second target Jetson custom Board.
: I moved the first built system M.2M disk to my custom board.

==> But, as you said the device tree is different and now it doesn’t work now.

Is there any recommended way to build a jetpack to my jetson custom jetson board?

I don’t know what exactly do you mean with build a jetpack.
Please just make corresponding changes in device trees and flash your second device.

Without changing device trees, Is it impossible to function normally on my custom board with at least a debug port message printout and HDMI display only?

I don’t know the design of your board so I cannot comment, but is the custom board made by yourself?
If that’s the case, then you should have the basic knowledge about how device tree works; or if it is from a third-party vendor, then please contact the vendor for the correct BSP.

The custom board is made by myself.

Another Question:
I have run already sdkmanager in my third ubuntu system, and run sdkmanager also
If I run “adkmanager” again the message happens as following.
“The futex facility returned an unexpected error code”

After once sdkmanager finished, second tries is not permitted?

Is it the same as this one?

I’m just not very sure about your English usage…

I don’t know if the reason why it didn’t work before is correct, but the Ubuntu version and JetPack’s supported version are mentioned by NVIDIA, so I changed Ubuntu to the 20.04 version first.


NVIDIA-provided documents related to Jetpack installation seem to be mostly about how to install the Jetson S/W package using SDK.

However, my product solution is a Jetson orin-based Custom design, and it is basically a blank state without any booting S/W or BSP in the Orin CPU, and a configuration consisting only of orin in the initial state and peripheral H/W.

The question I want to know from NVIDIA is how to install a very basic Jetson Orin S/W Package, that is, an Orin S/W package such as HDMI, Jetson Linux CLI function, etc. to my custom H/W, and then re-compiled package as a device trees file. It is to ask how to proceed with the step of changing and applying.

I’m asking for your opinion on how to install the basic Jetson S/W package on the rough custom H/W.

I think this is what you are looking for:


I am installing the basic NVIDIA package on the Jetson custom board with the configuration as below picture, and if this build is successful, I will try to install the Jetson custom package using the device tree file on the target board.

I am asking whether it is possible to configure the configuration as shown below picture, or whether the system configuration on the left can only be done with the Jetson SDK as a master.
I am not sure if it should only be Jetson SDK due to the system configuration, so I plan to purchase additional Jetson SDK tomorrow.
(Currently, I do not have the Jetson SDK.)

Please reply to confirm whether only Jetson SDK should be configured as Package Master.

The below picture is my system for to install packet.

But the error message : “Could not detect a board”

I don’t know what you want to do exactly.
Something like flashing a Jetson device using another Jetson device?

What do you mean with Custom Board-1 + Other CPU, and (Currently, I do not have the Jetson SDK.)?

Can you just be concise without a lot of redundant information that makes your comment hard to understand?

Also, please do not use SDK Manager with custom carrier board.
They are only intended for official DevKits from NVIDIA.

Custom Board-1:
Ubuntu ADLink CPU carrier board
(Not a Jetson SDK)

Custom Board-2:
Custom carrier board equipped with Jetson orin CPU designed by me
(Target board I want to install Jetson packet)

I think we are not on the same page…

So it’s a ARM-based device?

Let’s get some naming issues clear:
We don’t have anything called Jetson SDK,
whereas we have

  1. Jetson Developer Kits, which is comprised of a Tegra SoM + a carrier board designed by NVIDIA
  2. JetPack SDK, which is software like OpenCV, CUDA, TensorRT, that you’d like to run on Jetson devices