Question L4T Multimedia API Package Version


I found that L4T Multimedia API packages have strange versions or time, why the R28.2 which should be newer than R24.2.3 but the Release Data is later… Confusing…

Thank you very much.

Hi zhoub,

The L4T R24.2.3 is a maintenance release for Jetson TX1 production codeline L4T 24.2, with LTS Kernel 3.10, which was just release few weeks ago, and the L4T 28.2 (included in JetPack3.2 installer) is the latest production codeline for Jetson TX1, with kernel 4.4, and other SDK components/packages, such as CUDA 9, TensorRT 3…etc.


So may I ask which one is best for TX2 ? Or it’s best to install everything from JetPack installer ? Seems that they’re different on the content.

Thank you very much.

rel-24.2.3 is only for tx1. rel-28.2 is for both tx1 and tx2.