Question nvidia AGX xavier

I don’t know if I’m wrong post,
I would like to buy this nvidia AGX xavier, seeing from the technical requirements it is a nice computer for artificial intelligence.
A question can this computer be used as a normal computer? and for video editing ?.
I make videos on my smartphone or reflex camera.
I saw on youtube that there is a method for making 3D videos, the characters transformed into 3D in the video. I like it so much it is then possible to change them and transfer the character made in 3D with AI to 3ds studio max etc …?
Another thing what are the best video editing software on nvidia AGX xavier the best I want to know.
Thanks and await answers.

What is your definition of “normal computer”?

There is a choice of internet browsers, email clients and office tools (word processor, spreadsheet) - so generally: yes.

Regarding video editing sofware: there is a number of applications available for this (search “ubuntu video editing software”), but these are probably not as powerful as professional video editors for Windows or MacOS.

ok thanks :)