Question of gpio pin

I tested on xavier nx dev kit

my qustion.

Is it possible to use SPI0_CS1(pin26 of J12 40pin header) as user gpio I/O ? [Remove the spi function]

Currently, this pin does not seem to work normally. [already used all other 6 GPIO pins]

hello jchcdev,

according to pinmux spreadsheets, SPI0_CS1 is by default configured as GPIO pin, it’s GPIO3_PZ.07.

That’s what I thought.

First of all, I am using the image of this link at

but pin 26 does not normally operate in gpio input

our external board has switch & pull up register(51k ohm)

default is detect High when boot up

detect low when push the switch (first once)

26 pin will never return to high again

I tried changing the pull-up resister, but it didn’t work at all.

Is there anything I can test ??

below is my pin configuration

26 pin didn’t set sfio [spi]

hello jchcdev,

please refer to TXB on the carrier board,
you may access applications note, 40-Pin Expansion Header GPIO Usage Considerations for reference,

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