Question on Cross Compilation l4t-Multimedia


Can we cross-compile multimedia samples without cloning sparsed imaged from the target?
Is it possible to cross-compile without the target with system.img.raw created in bootloader directory?


Hi, any update on this thread?

To link against a library you need it in the search path. In this case it means the arm64 version of any libraries to link against. If you need to compile code which uses those libraries, then it is also likely you need at least the headers (the dev package), also for the arm64 version. You can find a way to manually put those on the host PC, but a clone is easier. In the case of a clone you can first update the system and put the dev packages on it, followed by clone. If you can compile on the Jetson, then you are guaranteed to have the needed libraries and headers in the clone.

Dependencies can get quite complicated, so I suggest a clone is the easiest method. If there is an issue with space, then you can delete unrelated system contents from the clone (but don’t use it for a backup after that).

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