Question on how to burn a lot of Jetson NANO images (including deepstream sdk) at the same time


Is there any way if I try to burn a lot of jetson nano images?

To use deepstream sdk
I know I need to burn through sdk manager
Does using Docker help burn a lot?

Can you tell me how to use Docker to burn Jetson Nano images?

Thank you.

hello neuezeal,

  1. if you’re using SDKManager to install Nano image before, it’ll store release image at your local machine.
    you could refer to Flashing to Multiple Jetson Devices, and enable massflash script to flash several Jetson devices together.

  2. if you would like to duplicate the system.img from the filesystem partition you’d already customize, please check To clone a Jetson device and flash session for the commands to clone system image; and please replace default system.img and perform step.1 to flash multiple Jetson devices. thanks

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