Question on IMU and timestamps for ISAAC_ROS_VISUAL_SLAM


When the SLAM system is processing IMU information, does it align time-stamps based upon the image or does it always apply the most recent IMU reading?

In general can the system handle slight (10ms) time offsets without being manually adjusted?

VisualSlamNode aligns on the timestamps of the images and IMU readings, consolidating messages for stereo image pairs (exact timestamp matches between left and right) and IMU readings into the same timeline and then processing each stereo image pair along with all of the IMU data available since the previous stereo image pair.

When you say slight (10ms) time offsets, could you describe the timestamps flowing through your system? The IMU data is 10ms out of phase with the stereo image pairs (always lagging or ahead), or is it high jitter on IMU channel, or something else?

Apologies, I was working on something else.

We mean about a 10-15ms constant offset as provided by Kaliber.