Question regarding DOPE pose estimation licensing


My team is conducting various research related to robotics and machine vision. In one of our projects, we used DOPE pose estimation to determine the pose of power connectors, with which we achieved very good results. We thought about the industrial application of DOPE. However, according to the GitHub page, DOPE is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (GitHub - NVlabs/Deep_Object_Pose: Deep Object Pose Estimation (DOPE) – ROS inference (CoRL 2018)). (In contrast, PoseCNN is released under the MIT License.)
Our question would be: under what conditions can we use DOPE pose estimation in commercial applications?

Thank you for your answer!

No reply yet. I’ll try to rephrase the question.
An important application of the NVIDIA Isaac platform is pose estimation. The most supported solution for this is DOPE. Presumably, more people would use DOPE in the industry, but the terms of use (licensing) are not clear.
Can anyone help with this issue? Under what conditions can DOPE be used, or where can we ask about it?
Thank You!