Question Regarding Dual Screen Setup with one G-SYNC compatible screen

I recently got a second screen from my brother. It is a ASUS VG245HE monitor that supposedly is Freesync compatible. My old screen is a Samsung SyncMaster 2443. I have the new dual screen setup with the ASUS monitor as the primary screen via HDMI and the Samsung monitor as the secondary screen via Display Port. I have an EVGA Nvidia GTX 1080 card BTW and I have just used the nvidia-settings GUI application set this up. My question is, is it possible to run the ASUS monitor gsync mode with this setup via HDMI? The nvidia driver doesn’t to recognise the ASUS monitor as gsync compatible because the option isn’t available in nvidia-settings. Or am I misunderstanding something?

G-Sync (compatible) over HDMI 2.1 are only supported on Turing gpus. For your Pascal gpu only over DisplayPort.

My brother said it worked for him over HDMI on Windows 10 but he has a 1080Ti which is still Pascal right?

Interesting. But not documented, see:
Which driver version are you running?

Nvidia 440.82 on Arch Linux. I tried adding the AllowGSYNCCompatible=On to thev metamodes but still it reports no gsync and option is still missing in the nvidia-settings.

Looking at
tells me that gsync compatible over non-2.1 hdmi seems to be a new feature enabled with the Windows v445 driver. The Linux driver is only at 440 so only Displayport works. You’ll probably have to wait until the Linux driver catches up.

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Thanks for the info. I checked the manual of the monitor as well and found there is an option to turn on freesync in the internal menus as well. I turned it on there but still no change in nvidia-settings options. BTW a different question regarding running dual screen setups. Right now my main screen is the asus monitor showing my desktop. The secondary screen (Samsung) is showing my Desktop folder with various application launchers. Can I change my secondary screen to show something else? I completely new to this dual screen stuff. I have never run it before.

I don’t know which distribution/DE you’re running.

Arch Linux with latest KDE Plasma 5.

You should be able to create a new panel on the second screen and add widgets on it or add applets to it: