Question regarding glsl debugging

Hi everyone,

Lately, I have tried using glsl shaders together with Nsight shader debugger. My plan was to debug one triangle and see what’s going on with vertices in each shader. However, whenever I break one of the shaders, I can see the same data over nad over again. It seems like I debug only one vertex (buffer consits of 3 verticies and one triangle is rendered). Could it be possible to go step by step through all vertices? If yes, how to enable it?


Hi AlanQBB,

There should be two way for this:

  • use condition breakpoints, you can set condition breakpoints in shader files like you do in cpp files: “@vertexId==N” [N is the id for your vertex], in this way, you can check the only vertex you concern
  • use Graphics Focus Picker, open it by Nsight->Windows->Graphics Debug Focus, after bp in vertex shader has been hit, you can see the ‘Vertices (3D View)’ and ‘Vertices (Table View)’ are flicking, enter these itemes, and double click the interesting element, then you can check your vertices.