Question regarding python and jetson nano

Hey guys,

So I am currently working on a 5G streaming project on a drone. Right now, I am creating a GUI interface at the receiving end (Windows OS) to actively view the livestream in a user-friendly way. This is the GUI I have now using PyQt5:

The issue with this is I still have to get the IP address of the Jetson Nano/Raspberry Pi that will be on the drone. I have made a script on the Jetson Nano where it will send a Gmail to a Gmail account of our choice containing the IP address upon boot up using Cron.

The problem I want to solve is how can I automatically send that IP address to my GUI interface without having to manually open up Gmail to look for the IP address? Thank you!


How about to send out a broadcast socket.

You can send it in a non-readable way, ex. binary format.
So only the receiver with corresponding data structure can extract the exact information.


Hi AastaLLL,

Thank you for your suggestion! Could you guide me on the broadcast socket? I have no idea how to start on it.

Also, I had another idea. Similar to the gmail script, I’ll create another script for google sheets and try to extract the data on that cell onto my PyQT5 GUI.

Only problem is I’m not sure if I can extract cell data and also if the nano is able to send the IP to a specific cell in google sheets.


You can find some samples in this GitHub:



I have managed to make a script to send the IP to a google sheet cell on the Jetson and on the receiving side, I managed to extract that IP into my python GUI program.

Thank you for your help!

For others wondering how I did it, I used google drive and sheet API to enable edits onto the sheet automatically.