Question: What can I do first power on Custom design board

■ Designing: custom design.
■ Controller FW fusing completed.
■ The power check is completed.
■ Linux is not mounted.

The above verification process has been confirmed as a normal state of development.
After this procedure, I’m asking for information on I/O connection terminals such as debugging, display, and keyboard ports.

  • Current Linux is not mounted.
    Which port should be used for the Keyboard input port, Debug port, and display port?
  • Whether SD Card is selected as the memory for loading basic Linux, or M.2M should be selected and stored in Memory, and then inserted into Carrier B’d and turned on?

Thank you

For design custom board, we have the product design guide:
Log in | NVIDIA Developer

If you have completed this step, please then check adaptation for software bringup:
Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

Thank you DaneLLL,

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