question yuv video processing with OpenCL

Hello everyone,
I have a very basic question about the video processing using Opencl
I know that how to process one frame or image in one CommandQueue, but i don’t konw how to process the sequential frame sequence with OpenCL.
Anyone can give me some question, if i need several CommandQueue, and to execute all the CommandQueues one by one?
i am sure that there is no fonctoins for video processing in OpenCL.
Thanks for your help!

Hi hyzr,

For my intership, i need to work with YUV movie so i’m interrested in this topic :)

I think you don’t need to have multiple commandQueue. For the moment, there are 2 API to decode video directly into the GPU and get the result frame-by-frame :

    OpenVideo by AMD (OpenCL)


The problem is that i want to know if there’s any chance to have the nvidia Video decoder for openCL !

yes just need one for loop to read everyone frame or we can read the whloe or parts of YUV sequence into global memory of GPU and process it.

we can try it.

thanks for your reply!