Questions about CUDA Toolkit in PGI installation

Hi all,

My OS is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I want to try the OpenACC Fortran Complilers by installing PGI Community Edition 17.10.

I have already installed openmpi library and CUDA Toolkit 9.1 successfully on my OS. So my question is that should I choose to install the CUDA Toolkit and Open MPI components during the installation procedure of PGI according to the official guide? If so, will this be conflict with the already installed CUDA Toolkit?

Thanks for the help.


PGI complements the CUDA Toolkits. If you install CUDA 9.1 on the hardware, the PGI compilers will still work, though limited to CUDA 9.0
for any OpenACC application. Your version of OpenMPI may work with
the 17.10 compilers, though if you report problems, we will ask you to
replicate the problems using the PGI version of OpenMPI.