Questions about DLA Xavier with Nsight System


I am testing on profiling samplemnist with NsightSystem on Xavier by enabling DLA.

I am curious with the following questions based on the image:

  1. What is the relation between NvMediaDlaSubmit and Task [200.000µs]?

  2. By clicking on Task [200.000µs], some bar charts turned to a unique color, so does it means that DLA was being used by those bar charts that have the same color. If so, why the bar chart length is not the same? If not, what is the exact meaning of that?

[ In General ]
3. Are all bar charts generated correctly( without any bias or with high accuracy] by Nsight System?

Thank you.


May I know which platform do you use?
NvMedia should be a DRIVE platform API rather than Jetson.


target platform

Jetpack: 4.3
TensorRT: 6.0.1
CUDA: 10.0
cudnn: 7.6.3


Sorry for the late update.
You can find some information here:

NvMediaDlaSubmit is a CPU call that submit a job to DLA processor.
Task [200.000µs] should be the period that DLA is active.

2. Would you mind to attach a figure about the bar chart you mentioned?
In general, DLA line indicates the DLA active time and the following bar should be the function that uses DLA processor.


Thank you very much for helping.

  1. This is the file.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one. Thanks


Sorry for the late update again.

It looks like the file is expired.
Do you still have a question for DLA+Nsight system?
If yes, would you mind to attach the file again.