Questions about Libargus streams and hardware ISP

I have following questions about Libargus streams and hardware ISP.

  1. How many streams can Libargus support on Jetson AGX Orin platform?
  2. How many streams can Libargus support on Jetson Orin NX platform?
  3. How many cameras can each platform support simultaneously?
  4. If I create two streams, one for preview and one for recording, for each camera, will the number of supported cameras decrease to half? For example, Orin can support 8 cameras. But if I create two streams for each camera, then Orin can only support 4 cameras.
  5. How many hardware ISP units does each platform have?
  6. Does an image need to go through the whole hardware ISP pipeline before the next image can enter the pipeline? Or the blocks in the pipeline can work in parallel so that one pipeline can process multiple images at the same time in different blocks?

Check below link.

  1. No, still 8 cameras. Creating two stream from one camera, that’s like software stream maybe like software MUX.
  2. Both one ISP share by all cameras.
  3. Process multiple images in parallel.
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For the first 3 questions, I only found the supported number of cameras.

For the number of streams, is there a hard limit? For example, we can only have up to 2 streams for each camera, or we can only have up to 20 total streams no matter how many streams each camera has. Or there is no hard limit and it is only depending on memory, CPU, GPU usage?

Depend on the software and memory. Like argus support max two streaming but, gstreamer like mux/tee element limit by the memory.


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Thank you for your information!

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