Questions About Physx

Hi every one,

I have some questions about Physx, and which bother me very much

would you please explain to me if you know? Thanks a lot!

  1. The plug-in component of Physx Mas could support the Skeletal Model for Skin(which means

to combine Model to the Skeleton ), so could it support the Skeletal Model for Physique?

  1. Is there any seperated Skeleton for Cloak or such kind of things? And if there is

seperated Skeleton, is there any seperated Animation required?

  1. Could the flesible body with size such as hair or sleeves represent better effects?

  2. What kind of models are suitable to be produced to flexible body?

  3. If we buy the authority of APEX, can we get the support about the editing tool and

producing process? Is there any training provided to the artists?

Please contact me by my mail: if you know. Thanks a lot!

And Happy Valentin’s Day!

It is better to send licensing questions to

Maybe they’ll answer others as well.