Questions about TLT on AWS


I am happy to see AWS systems are created by nvidia. i have never use AWS or any other cloud system but i need it.
Can someone explain how to use the system, is it like regular linux desktop on remote?
I saw the pricing is 0, is it free?

take care

Hello and thanks for your question -

There are various AWS services you could use to leverage NVIDIA hardware and software. EC2 is one such service which offers virtual machine (VM) instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs that allows you to setup a remote Linux instance you can access and build within.

Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) is an NVIDIA built software toolkit you could use in your development process across the various cloud services AWS has to offer (ex: EC2). TLT as a software by itself is made available free of charge, however you might be required to pay for the underlying compute resources you rent from AWS.

You can learn more about using software from NGC (like TLT) on an AWS EC2 instance here.

Hope this helps!