Questions about tx2 GPU compute capability

Hi Everyone:
We want to know the compute performance of tx2 GPU theoretically.But there are some pieces of information confused us.

1.According to
	We know that tx2 gpu maximum working freqency is 1465 MHz and the FP16 compute capability is 1500 GFLOPS

2.According to Jetson_TX2_TX2i_Module_DataSheet_v01.pdf
	The GPU maximum operating frequency is 1.12GHZ.We assume the FP16 compute capability is: SMs*FP16 unit pre SM*2*clock rate = 2*256*2*1.12=1146.88 GFLOPS /sys/devices/17000000.gp10b/devfreq/17000000.gp10b/available_frequencies
	We found the maximum clock freq could be 1300500000,but we can only set 1122000000 as the maxinum freq, the 1300500000 is a invalid argument.

Now we have the following questions:

Q1:Is the maximum frequency of TX2 GPU on Wiki wrong?
Q2:Is the arithmetic SMs*FP16 unit pre SM*2*clock rate = 2*256*2*1.12=1146.88 GFLOPS right?
Q3:Why we couldn't set 1300500000 as GPU frequency ?

The article may be citing the TX2 chip as opposed to Jetson TX2, which can have a different maximum due to factors like cooling, TDP, MTBF, ect. See the Jetson community wiki on here:

Try setting the max clocks with “sudo nvpmodel -m 0”. This will set the maximum GPU frequency to 1300500000 (I just double-checked on my Jetson TX2 with JetPack 3.3). The DVFS governor will still be enabled, so it won’t be always be running at max clocks unless you run a GPU-intensive application or if you run “~/”. The jetson_clocks script disables the governor and pegs the clocks at their maximum always (and also turns the fan on).

The correct peak GFLOPS is 22562*1.3005=1331.71 GFLOPS

You can also refer to “Max-Q and Max-P Power Efficiency” section in for max gpu frequency in different modes.