Questions about using Libargus with mono camera

I have some questions about using Libargus with mono cameras.

  1. Can I use hardware-based ISP with mono cameras?
  2. Will the demosaic be still enabled with mono cameras? Or there is a way to disable the demosaic?
  3. Which pixel format should I use with mono cameras?
  4. Can I choose 8-bit or 16-bit pixel format for mono cameras or it will be fixed?
  5. Will I need to turn on/off certain ISP blocks? Or it is automatic or through tuning file?

Two side questions: is the demosaic always on if ISP is enabled? If not, how to enable/disable it?

Thank you for your help!

hello suchao,

it’s possible to go though ISP with monochrome sensor.

it need an ISP override file to revise demosaic settings.
however, we do not support image tuning (or, sharing ISP override files) via public forum discussion thread.
please contact with sensor vendor to support this.

regarding to your questions.
>> is the demosaic always on if ISP is enabled

Thank you for your reply.

Assume I have the tuning file for mono cameras, I have following questions:

  1. Which pixel formats can I use?
  2. Can I still use some ISP features, such as auto exposure, ROI, downscaling and etc.?

hello suchao,

there’s capability to support monochrome sensor with CCCC pixel formats.
those features were supported since it’s still going through ISP block.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

As long as the tuning file is correct, I can still use ISP to process images from mono sensors.

Then my question is which pixel format should I use when I setup the output stream. “PIXEL_FMT_RAW16”?

hello suchao,

please see-also Topic 174073, this topic may helps.

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