Questions on sample 15_multivideo_encode

I have questions on the sample 15_multivideo_encode:

  1. In main() function, why have argv+=2?
  2. what’s the purpose of “stress_test” ?


  1. The first two items are number of files like num_files 2. The +2 is ot skip the two items.
  2. stress_test is to run the sample in loop. Please check the option:
    -s <loop-count>       Stress test [Default = 1]

Thank you very much.
I still have another question, as you know we can use a created hardware converter to do conversion, we can also use NvBufferTransform to do conversion between hardware memory, so what’s the difference between them? Can the hardware converter convert multi video streaming at the same time like the hardware encoder?

We would suggest use NvBufferTransform(). NvVideoConverter class will be deprecated soon. Both NvBufferTransform() and NvVideoConverter uses the same hardware converter(VIC engine). Just two different software frameworks.
For multiple NvBufferTransform() calls in same process, please create NvBufferSession. Can refer to
Question on NvBufferSession - #3 by DaneLLL

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