Questions on samples 15_multivideo_encoder

I have several questions on the sample 15_multivideo_encoder, please see below:

  1. In ctx.enc->capture_plane.waitForDQThread (-1), why the argument is -1?
  2. In encoder_capture_plane_dq_callback() function, which subfunction perform the dequeue action?
  3. In encoder_capture_plane_dq_callback() function, it seems the encoded stream(NALU) is in NvBuffer *buffer object, right? And what’s the difference between v4l2 buffer and Nvbuffer in this function?

Hi @shen_yunli ,

I gather you are using a Jetson board and these samples refer to the Jetson API?
Did you check the Jetson Linux API Reference yet? At least NvBuffer and its relation to v4l2 is explained there.
As to why waitForDQThread (-1) I am not the author, but i would think the “-1” might be a short-cut for UINT_MAX.

If you can can confirm that you are developing for Jetson and which model in particular, we can move this topic into a better fitting category to receive more attention.