Questions on the Tegra 4i processor

Hi team,

Questions from one of my customers on Tegra 4i:

  1. We need to have both an FPGA and a co-processor on the board (GPU, DSP or something more exotic), in this regards is it feasible to directly connect the FPGA to the GPU through an AXI or similar bus (Both in terms of PCB connection and in terms of the signal processing pipeline).

  2. What is the power consumption of the Tegra 4i for moderate to heavy workloads?

  3. Are there CUDA signal processing libraries available to facilitate quick and efficient software development?

  4. Can the baseband signal processing core on the Tegra 4i be customized in software for our purposes, or is it a fixed function core?

  5. Where can I download design details of the Tegra 4i processor?

I could be wrong, but I think the first SoC with CUDA could not have been prior to the Tegra K1 since K1 added a GPU for compute (to my knowledge a Tegra 4 of any flavor does not come with a GPU compute unit). If you could switch to Tegra K1, then you could definitely have good CUDA ability.