Questions regarding LiveStreaming

Hello together,

we have integrated our solution with Omniverse. At the end we want to use Omniverse for background rendering of images and for real time rendering. Currently we use websocket streaming…

  1. The streamed video feels a little bit sluggish. Even on the same machine (my workstation in the office is a Xenon with 10 cores and a Quadro RTX 5000 and my workstation at home is an AMD Threadripper with 32 cores and a RTX3080, so hardware shouldn´t be the problem :-) ). Is this related to the websocket connection? Should we switch to WebRTC now? What can we do to optimize this?

  2. We have setup a Linux machine with everything we need (nucleus, create and our own kit agent). Everything works as expected. Now we would like to setup a machine with new hardware, that could be moved to out datacenter later, so what is the recommendation regarding the graphics card to use (when money is not the problem, and we want to achieve the maximum possible concurrent user count) for our scenario (real time server sided rendering)

btw. It “feels” like the live stream is in 21.3. more sluggish than in 21.1


Hi Carl,

yes with 21.3 I would recommand you try switching to WebRTC, there are some new samples that show you how to integrate the stream into you client web code. I will talk with @jozef and we can probably a have a call like we did last time to regroup as to where you are and what we can next.

21.1 and 21.3 WebSocket are very similar but there was small changes maybe we need to review the default settings for your setup
but as discuss best to move to WebRTC for your use case we are seeing great performance there

Hi Dfagnou,

that sounds very good. We´ll make the switch to WebRTC and the I´ll contact you regarding a new call to discuss the further details.

But perhaps you can answer we one other question before… is there a way to specify which kit instance I want to get the live stream from? With the current websocket solution it is always port 8899 (or something like that) so it is no possible to start two kit instances in parallel… is this possible with with webrtc now?