Questions regarding Marbles-contest file-upload

I have a few questions regarding the way to upload the usd-file for the marbles-contest.

  1. If you want to submit your file it says asset location [URL]. Does this mean you should upload your usd-file in the cloud of your choice and post a link to it there or should you just link the final render on socialmedia?

  2. My biggest issue right now is of a different nature.
    I didn’t start with the Marbles-file but started from scratch and importet the assets one by one. If I now move the file to a loaction ready to upload, it it looses all references to linked assets thereby only leaving the lights in the scene.
    My Question: How am I supposed to package the .usd without loosing the assets in the process? As far as I understand it I could use “Save Flattened As” which would merge all assets into one mesh and mittigate the issue of lost references.

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I have the exact same issue. And is it possible to locate the missing objects/meshes?
Hard to find answers.

You can use the “collect” function in Create to traverse a root stage USD file and collect copies of every file referenced into a new path. You can then zip up the destination directory.

You can find the collect function in the content browser when you right click on a USD file. Do that on the root of your stage:


Where’s the submission form for the usd file?

Also at some point my usd file got corrupted (or at least i’m unable to open it as it got saved with some high sample settings) so I’ve had to use that usd as a reference. Is it okay to submit those files as a zip file?

First of all thank you @revl for your answer/help.
Still I’d like to know whether my assumption about uploading the ziped .usd to the cloud and linking the cloud-file in the submission window is correct? The caption “asset location [URL]” confuses me.

where’s this submission window you mentioned?

There is a SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY-button over here

But as said the caption about the asset location [URL] ​isn’t very clear
Furthermore, I wonder what I am supposed to list as Industry/company/Job role.
I currently only do this kind of 3D in my free time and not for work

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Hi @d0ppegaenger, @totallyfromearth, & @jngimaj. Thank you for participating in our first Omniverse Contest. You are correct, we did not detail out how your projects should be submitted. .

This is all we say from our Official Rules:

submit 1 rendered image plus the full scene in USD format

Just a tad bit vague…not confusing at all😉! I am working on updating our documentation with better information.

Also, our submission form doesn’t provide much information either.

Asset Location (URL) - We are asking you to host your USD project files and send us a link to that location. Here is some documentation on Collecting: Collect Assets — Omniverse Create documentation

Company / Organization & Job Role
The goal with these fields is to find people / companies that would like more information about Omniverse. I can see how this really doesn’t make sense for this specific contest. I am also working on changing these field names so that they make more sense for this competition. @d0ppegaenger until the changes are submitted, please use the “Company” field to say something like “3d Hobby Enthusiast”!

I sincerely apologize for the confusion. I have taken your comments to heart so that we can improve things on our end for future contests.


Thanks @WendyGram for the detailed answer and clarification.
Looking forward to some possible future contests or challenges. Always up for one and interested in learning new programs that can help my CG/3D experience. These were just minor inconveniences, and it was fun nonetheless.

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@WendyGram Actually one more question
When you say host our USD file, do you mean like uploading it to a personal cloud like Dropbox or GoogleDrive?
I’m sorry, but I’m not too familiar with hosting, network-infrastructure and things of such nature (at least in a case like this)🙃

thanks d0ppegaenger - thought that was the same as the sign up button above!

@totallyfromearth Do you know what exactly is meant with hosting the file?
Is it ok to upload it to GoogleDrive e.g. and link the Gdrive location in the sign-up window

Hosting basically means that we aren’t storing your files. So if you have a link that we can access through GoogleDrive, that works for us!

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@WendyGram is collecting files essential? It just gets stuck at 0% for me - even let it run for a few hours :(
I thought just submitting the usd file in which I did my layout would work if it’s saved in the same marbles asset folder that we download from the contest page. Correct me if I’m wrong - still pretty new to usd!

Send the USD of your layout. We already have all of the assets, so we should be able to link to them.