Questions with geekworm sata HDD module

I’m able to power on and use the Nano and set everything up.
However, when I install the Geekworm sata HDD module, the system will shut down after a few seconds when the Nvidia logo appears.
I am using the recommended Geekworm barrel power adapter and using the included Y cable.
When I disconnect the Y power cable end that goes to the HDD module, the Nano will boot fine but the HDD will click with intermittent noises and it won’t show up in the system.
Is it possible that the HDD is drawing too much power? It is a 2.5 inch Western digital laptop style hard drive.

Hi Nyb72,

Sorry that I am not very familiar with Geekworm sata HDD module. Could you share what interface are you using on nano?

It is using one of the USB ports with a proprietary connector so the boards can be mounted together.
The board is sold here:

I also used the recommended Geekworm 5V4A barrel power supply and ran it with the included Y adapter.

The Nano also runs with keyboard, mouse, and 8265 Wifi board with two antennas. The hard drive says it draws 0.5 A.

Apparently 4A isn’t enough with all of this, which is too bad since this is a very compact footprint.

So instead, I removed the Geekworm SATA board, and I wound up using a powered USB hub for keyboard,mouse, and HDD (with a different external USB enclosure) using a 2A supply. Then run the 4A barrel power supply into the Nano by itself. Things finally run using this setup.