Quick question about prime output using 2 nvidia GPUs

Will prime output work with 2 different nvidia GPUs that are both using the same driver? In other words, can I render everything on a GTX 1070 but output 2 of the monitors through a GT 1030?

Long story short, I want to run 3 korean 1440p monitors that only support dual link DVI. If prime works, this would be a good way to get 2 more dual link DVI ports without resorting to expensive adapters (1 adapter costs more than a GT 1030). It would also allow me to upgrade my main GPU to a card with only 1 dvi port. The Gigabyte GTX 1070 that I have now was the only 1070 or 1080 card I could find with 2 DVI ports and I imagine they will be even more rare next gen.

I have already tried running 2 lower resolution monitors using prime output on the intel ports and it worked fine, so hopefully it works with 2 nvidia GPUs also. Thanks.

No, the binary driver only works as a source, not as a sink. You would have to use nouveau for that.

Thanks. I’ll try running the binary driver on the 1070 and nouveau on the 1030. I won’t need acceleration or reclocking or anything fancy on the 1030 since it will be nothing more than a prime output sink.