Quirks with the forum today

While I was helping on two threads, they have suddenly both disappeared from the forum.
If I click on the links from my profile, I can only see my posts, no longer the others :


Is it possible to delete a thread ?

Furthermore, when I go to a thread I’ve recently created, all messages are set as “Accepted as answer”…

I’ve tried to disconnect, close my browser and start a fresh one…without improvement.

Even my first message here appears with “Accepted as answer”

Strangely, albeit I’m the creator of this thread, my messages are set as “Accepted as answer”, not “Accepted as answer by Original Poster”.
Can someone else accept so fast my messages ?

Is there a forum admin link to send these issues ?

Ok, the threads had disappeared because the original poster had been blocked by the spam filter, it is fixed now.

For the “Accept as Answer”, there is no bug. I was just wrong. It is not set as “Accepted as answer”, but rather proposed to me as such. Sorry, I’m back to this forum after a long while and not familiar yet with this new feature.